Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembrance Day


Remember them this morning, as the reveille is sounded

Its notes worn smooth along the years of soft November's rain

The Last Post sobbed their slumber, their going to the night

Remember them this morning, then, in thoughtful reveille.

The boys (no older than my son) who flew the frail craft

Have gone to distant glory in the threadbare album's page

They're peering at us from the past with shy and fervent eyes.

"Remember us this morning, in thoughtful reveille".

Sailors, soldiers, nurses, the youngsters set their hands

To duties laid upon them with many high ideals

Perhaps the question touches them; "What were we doing there?"

Remember them this morning, in thoughtful reveille.

They fought across the deserts, in the hot and windy hell

They fought in salty air that mocked of seashore holidays

The frosty air meant kites to some, to others soaring birds

They fought a world gone crazy - and they wagered everything.

And as we pause this morning as the clocks stand at eleven

Although the hour's uncertain since it's daylight saving time

Commit a moment's silence for the ones who went before

And say to them "We thank you for your sacrifice at war -

"We may not speak so much of you these cold pragmatic days

We will not seek the glorious in battlefield array

We treat with those who killed you, and were slaughtered in their turn

We sometimes don't appreciate the comfort that you earned

We sometimes don't remember that we might not be so free -

But still we will remember you in thoughtful reveille.

Be sure we will remember you in thoughtful reveille.

Written in 2000