Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bronte and her Telepathic Dog

Meet Bronte and her telepathic dog! They're the stars of the new book by Aussie Brian Curtin. I caught up with Brian in September and asked him a few curly questions about the book.

Hi, Brian; 

Q. Bronte comes across as a very convincing twelve-year-old. How did you go about getting the voice and tone right?

A. I am not quite sure of what you mean by voice and tone. I wrote it as I thought a twelve-year-old and a dog would talk.

Q. Kosta sounds like a Greek name. Did you name Kosta in the story after anyone or anything? Or did the name just pop into your head?

 A. Bronte and Kosta are real I have known Bronte since she was three years old. Actually she now has Kosta 2 as Kosta 1 died.

Q.  How did you come up with the idea of a polyglot telepathic psychic dog?

A. I am not real sure. I started this book when Bronte was twelve she is now fourteen going on fifteen. I didn't start it as a publishable book; it was only some thing I wrote for her only. She is like a daughter to me. When I really got into it I began to like it and so I refined it and submitted it. When I got the idea of telepathy I searched the internet to see if I could find anything like it. I didn't want to copy anyone's idea. When I found virtually nothing I thought it might be worth writing.
Q.   Kosta was an astronomer once. Did you research stars for the story, or did you use knowledge you had already?

A. Yes I researched the stars. I had a lot more information about stars and there distances from earth and the name of the stars in the Canis Major Constellation, but I cut it I thought it might be an over-kill.

Q.  Any more adventures planned for Bronte and Kosta?
A. Possibly, but at the moment I am working on a book for my daughter Katelyn called Katey and her Possessed Budgie. She is only six months older that Bronte and they are friends.

I took the photo on the cover and that is Bronte and Kosta. Tina at DD doctored the photo and changed my lettering. During the photo shoot Kosta would not pose as I wanted him to so I superimposed him into it. Bronte is a Ballet Dancer and would be the right age at the moment to play Liana in my first book if they made a movie or ballet of it now. She has won a lot of trophies in Ballet. I didn't write OnePlusOne on Bronte's dancing ability that book was started before she took up dancing.

Thanks Brian! I always love to know how books come to be written.

Bronte and Her Telepathic Dog is a lovely follow up to Brian's previous ballet romance One Plus One Makes One, which is also available from Devine Destinies. Follow the link below to find out more, or to buy a copy of Bronte and Her Telepathic Dog for the doglovers and stargazers in your life...