Friday, January 4, 2008

Jack's Fans

Jack Russell: Dog Detective has fans in the US, UK, Canada and at home in Australia. Yesterday, when I was out walking with Preacher, I met one when her mother flagged us down. They'd picked up one of our business cards in the local pet shop, and recognised the Jack Russell tee-shirt I was wearing. Today, when I was out with Tilly and Tess, I met two more fans... Richie and Lachie from Melbourne along with their dad Tim and mum Anne Marie. It's always wonderful to meet Jack's friends. Many of them have the same query: they have some of the series, but where can they get the other titles? I asked the publisher and got the following answer;
Scholastic titles in print can be ordered from book shops. On-line bookshops will order them too. If in a hurry, it may be quicker to contact Scholastic Australia directly, and order the books by telephone. A packing charge of about $7.00 applies to each parcel.


Fer48 said...

Hello Sally! I'm sure I've seen your books in the local bookshops, your blog reminds me of my sister's who is the full-on bookworm of the family (see the 'I'll have my cake and eat yours too' link on my page).

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, it's nice to know it's not just family who read it!!!

Cheers, Fer

Sally_Odgers said...

Thanks, Fer... I feel the same way. Blogging in a vacuum is a bit airy.