Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with Linda Hays-Gibbs

Today I welcome Linda Hays-Gibbs to Spinning Pearls. Linda is the author of a paranormal regency romance called My Angel, My Light as Darkness Falls. Here's what Linda has to say to my inquisitive questions.

Q. How did you get the idea for your book?

A. I was reading about the last battle with Napoleon and how gruesome it was. I thought how awful for the people waiting for loved ones to return to them and about the many that did not return. I wondered if I loved someone that was in that battle how I would feel. Of course I had to add a vampire and an angel plus a few others for excitement. At first I started with the battle scene but I decided to start on a happier note. I love Regency Romance so I have a young girl at a ball and went with the idea from there.

Q. The title you have chosen is an interesting one. Which came first, the story or the title?

A. The title came first and my nurses at my doctor’s helped me with the title. The title has morphed from “Darkness” to “When there was Darkness” to “As Darkness Fell,” which reflects the horrors of the battle. Pru is deathly afraid of the dark too. I had to give the girl a presence in the title and she is an angel as well the real angel who is in the book. Pru has her innocence as her light, hence, “My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls.” I must confess it was an on-going process but I started with a part of the title and an idea.

Q. Can you suggest three adjectives that apply to your protagonist?

A. Innocent, naïve, overcomer, (progressing to maturity) She is a work in progress.

Q. How long did it take you to write your book?

A. I thought I was finished with it a couple of times but it was never finished. I think three years and there was still so much left to do to it.

Q. What is your favourite scene in your book?

A. When Pru is trying to decide about marrying the Duke and he makes her mind up for her.

Q. The most difficult part of writing your book was…

A. Stopping my imagination from going in too many directions at once. I wanted to add so much more to the story but I was afraid it would make it too much so I had to settle down.

Q. Did you know the whole story in advance?

A. Heavens no! I wrote a skeleton and then changed it several times. I knew where I wanted to go but it was difficult getting there.

Q. Have you any plans for a sequel?

A. Yes, I think with four sets of twins I have lots of places to go. I really would like to write about the others. It would be in the Regency period too and that is my ideal time. I have a real zeal for comedy too. I love the horror or gothic tales and romance with a little comedy to ease the way.

If Linda's answers to my questions have whetted your appetite for angels, demons, vampires and Regency Romance, check out this link to read more or to purchase Linda's book directly from the publisher at Eternal Press. My Angel is also available from other venues around the web.


BLCSDina said...

Hi Linda-Congrats! Love your video! Dina Rae, author

Sally_Odgers said...

Thanks, Dina:-) Clever video, isn't it? I looked at Moviemaker and turned green with fear.

Sally Christie said...

- The title came first and my nurses at my doctor’s helped me with the title. The title has morphed from “Darkness” to “When there was Darkness” to “As Darkness Fell,”--

Nurses are seriously underpaid if they are helping writers with titles.

I tend to have a rough title in mind when I start a project. Sometimes I change it completely during that second draft.

Great interview!

Sally_Odgers said...

Thanks, Sally. I found it intriguing too.