Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meet Matthew C. Martino!

Today we welcome Matthew Martino to Spinning Pearls. Matthew is a writer, actor and film producer based in the UK.

Q.1.  Hi, Matthew! I see you have worked as an author, an actor and a film producer. This is an impressive resume for anyone, let alone someone in his early twenties. Please tell me which you count as your main talent or field, and why?

A. Thank you, I wouldn’t know which one to call my main talent field but I do enjoy writing , although my books may not be novels as such I’ve always enjoyed the art of researching about something and putting it on pen and paper. It's obviously a bit hard to write and I never had respect for authors until I wrote "Let's Fly". I then realised that it's not all milk and honey. That having been said I feel my knowledge and talent within film production is growing day by day.

Q.2.  We'd love to hear a bit more about your book, "Let's Fly". What inspired you to write it? Who do you see as an ideal reader for this book?
A. "Let's Fly" was one of those things that I put my whole heart into.  I’ve had an interest in aviation since I was back in the streets of Africa. I felt inspired to write the book as I wanted to provide resources for aspiring pilots to be able to learn more about the field. I realised that most pilot books on the market were too complex so I simplified mine as much as possible. The ideal reader for "Let's Fly" could be anyone in essence; it does have a few physics and general knowledge facts embedded in it.

Q.3. Which of your production jobs has been the most challenging and why?
My most challenging role had to be my own "Let's Fly" Documentary. I never realised how it can be to get everything together all by yourself. I usually jump onto projects where a Director and most crew are already attached but having to create everything from scratch was a bit of a challenge. Still, I do love a challenge and I learnt so much from it and I know in future when I endeavour into my own production I will know what to look out for.

Q.4. You obviously enjoy a wide range of interests and talents. How do you see these developing as you progress through your twenties?
A. I do!  I’ve been told it's not a good thing to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ so I might have to stick to one thing sooner or later. In all honesty I don’t know what the rest of my twenties will bring, I have realised that towards the end of 2013 and going through to now I’ve not been spending too much time on set. I’ve gone from being on set every day to pre-production meeting, investor meetings and doing castings and location scouts. In an ideal world I’d love to continue to do a bit of everything and hopefully find a lucky lady to share the journey with me.

Q.5. Still looking into the future; do you have a specific project you’d like to tell us about?
A. Yes the future...I’m currently meant to be working on a film ‘Essex Crystal’ which will be directed by award winning director Azeem Khan. That will be an interesting venture and a challenge. I’m also in talks to bring back "Let's Fly" Documentary but I can't say too much at the minute. I’ll be signing someone on to pen the project then take it from there. I'm also looking to put a lot of time into my charity works this year and take a more hands on approach. Sadly my writing days are gone – I don’t think I can write anymore, I now tend to lose concentration quickly.

Thanks for your time, Matthew. I really admire multi-talented people.

 For those who'd like to find out a bit more about Matthew and his endeavours, here's a link to his Star Now page.

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