Sunday, December 9, 2007

Book Tour! Witch's Brew, by Tabitha Shay

I'm delighted to welcome author Tabitha Shay to Spinning Pearls. Tabitha is the author of the hot new romance Witch's Brew, published by Eternal Press.
Q 1. Tabitha, all readers are fascinated by the writing process. I'd love to know what came first for Witch's Brew. Did you envisage the plot, or did it start with a character? If so, who or what?
A tiny bit of the plot came to my mind first, then I developed the character, Saylym Winslow, from there the entire plot began to take form in my mind.

Q.2. The image I carry in my mind is of Saylym's hairbrush behaving in a very weird way. How on earth did you get the notion for a talking hairbrush?
A2. I wanted things she used every day to suddenly come to life. Just imagine how shocking that would be for someone. A hairbrush is such a personal item and one of the first things we use of a morning and I wanted the action to start fast, so I thought this was good beginning.

Q.3. You use the term "waken" for a male witch, and "warlock" for a bad male witch. Did you invent the first term, and if not, where did you find it?
A3. Yes, I made up the word "waken"because I'd learned that some editors felt like a male witch was still a male witch and warlocks were considered evil. But for my story, I wanted readers to have a way to distinguish the female witch from the male witch, so I came up with the word, "waken" to represent the male and left the word "witch" to represent the female of the species.

Q.4. How did you come up with the names of the characters? Does Saylym's name echo the place called Saylem?
A4. Actually, I have a niece named Saylem...and I always thought is was a cute name and would sort of fit a witch story and have my lead character named after Salem Village as well, so I changed the spelling a little to make it more unique. Thanks, Tabitha.

You're very welcome and it's been my pleasure. Thank you.
The Witch's Brew Book tour continues!
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mizging said...

Loved the start of your tour, Tab. I look forward to hosting you on Wednesday. By the way, I think my hairbrush is possessed. I can't believe what it's been doing to my appearance lately. *lol*


Ellie Walker said...

well done on the questions tabitha and waken sounds good for a male witch.
I'm looking forward to time over the holiday to actually read for enjoyment.
I hope my hairbrush doesn't begin talking to me, as the neighbours all ready think i'm odd, especially when i read work out loud.


Sally_Odgers said...

You gotta watch those hairbrushes. That was what hooked me right away on this story. Oh, and HUMMMMMMMMMMM.