Saturday, July 24, 2010

Take Two! Leigh Wood Talks about On the Way to New Isosceles

Please note; The book featured in this edition of the Take Two series is for adults only.

Take Two! Leigh Wood answers two curious questions about her new book, On the Way to New Isosceles.

Q. 1. The title of On the Way to New Isosceles hints at triangles and geometry, but I assume it has a somewhat different meaning. Please tell us how you came up with such an intriguing title.

A. Only one person emailed me saying they were confused by the title. I actually hate math so I expected more questions about the title! Most people say they love it, as it is unique and gets them thinking. It is about triangles in a way-there are references to triangular locations and objects in the novel. However, there is a suggestion of two equal sides, which leads to notions about the two factions joining together. And of course, our couple JJ and Rub have to find a little equality and the happy medium in making both their angry professional and gettin' steamy personal relationships. There's a question of balance, perhaps also. We can't have any fulcrums swinging too far in the wrong direction in love or war! I have to say I don't remember how I came up with the title. Maybe it was my notions of romance and action equality along with a 'journey not the destination' feeling. I think I stink at titles! However, I am keeping up with the theme for the sequel, currently called Equilateral Planet. Some days I can't spell either one!

Q.2. Your protagonist is called JJ. Is this initialised form of name something common to people from her futuristic society, or does it say something special and specific about her character?

A.2. Wow, a seemingly innocent but deep question! I'd say the fact that she has a snappy, neutral nickname is a part of their militristic society just on the nature of simplicity, uniformity, and speed. They are an on the go, space faring and fighting people with no time for fussy names. JJ is then, an extension of her society. In some ways, her full complete name represents herself as a happy girl on earth with parents, sunshine, and no cares. Now she is alone, owns the bare minimum, and keeps a stiff upper lip. Only certain people are allowed to call JJ by other derivities of her name. It's her way of shutting herself off. JJ is short and sweet, clipped, and gets the job done. There's no need for anything pretty that rolls off the tongue! By contrast, Rub likes to make jokes about his name and calls his friends by several different affectinate terms. Opposites attract!

Thanks, Leigh!

On the Way to New Isosceles was published by Eternal Press in 2009. Visit Leigh's blog.


Kristin as Leigh


Lorrie said...

JJ sounds like a very complex character. Interesting will be finding out what makes her tick.
Nice post,
Good luck with the sales.
PS. I'm a math dummy myself, but the title is unique. Nice going.

Sally_Odgers said...

Thanks for your comment:-) I like the title a lot.