Thursday, July 8, 2010

Take Two: Yolanda Sfetsos talks about Shade of Grey

Today we welcome Yolanda Sfetsos, who answers two quick questions about her newly-released novel, Shade of Grey.

Q.1. Shade of Grey is an intriguing title. Can you tell us how it relates to the plot of your book?

A.1. Thanks! I have to admit that it took me a while to come up with the title for this novel, especially since I wanted all three names in the planned trilogy to be similar. It actually turned out to be the perfect title because it highlights the things in Gypsy's life that are definitely not black or white, but shaded with the grey in-between. Also, since the story deals with the Greys, it's extra fitting.

Q.2. Contemporary romantic SF is quite uncommon. (Most SF seems to be futuristic.) Tell us how you went about planting this genre in a contemporary Australian setting.

A.2. You're right. Most SF stories are set in futuristic or otherworld locations, but there is that small percentage that brings the alien factor to our backyard... such as The X-Files and V, not to speak of a bunch of movies. I've always been intrigued by these stories, and this turned out to be my tribute.

Basically, I wanted to set this story in contemporary Australia, and cast what at first seems to be an average woman leading an average life. Then I threw her into a very alien situation. Gypsy finds herself caught in the middle of conspiracy theories, UFOs, abductions, and Men in Black who aren't all trying to save her. That's the hero's job:-)

Thanks, Yolanda! To read an excerpt, or to but Shade of Grey, pop along to


Robert Appleton said...

Sounds intriguing, Yolanda. I've certainly never read a contemporary Australian alien story before.

Good for you!


Cate Masters said...

I love stories that venture beyond current trends. Kudos to you, Yolanda! Wishing you much luck.

Sally_Odgers said...

There aren't many of them, Robert. Apart from a few of my 1990s books!

Sally_Odgers said...

Thanks for visiting, Cate. I like the "different" ones, too.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Thanks for posting my interview, Sally! :)

Hi Robert, thanks so much. And no, I don't think there are many around. Most alien stories are set in Sci-Fi worlds, I suppose.

Thanks for the well wishes, Cate!

Sally_Odgers said...

No problems, Yolanda:-)